Free Canadian Citizenship Test Prep

Prepare for the Canadian citizenship test for free by learning Discover Canada’s study guide material in a different yet easier and more effective way!

Different because of Choices! Our site offers multiple ways to study the collection of probable questions:

  • Multiple Choice Practice Tests are broken out either by topic and chapter (such as specifically about Canadian rights and responsibilities, history, economy, symbols and regions as presented in Discover Canada), by practice tests in sets of 20 random questions that cover any of the citizenship material or by all of the questions covering all the chapters and information
  • Interactive Canadian Map with facts you need to know for the test by region, province and territory:
    • Information for each of Canada’s 5 regions--the provinces, capitals, characteristics and industries
    • Information for each of the provinces and territories—capitals, characteristics, industries and important and interesting facts
    • Federal, Provincial and Territorial Government information—Prime Minister, Governor General, Lt. Governors, Commissioners, Premiers
    • Federal Government Representatives—Who is my Member of Parliament (MP)
    • Provincial and Territorial Government Representatives—Who is my Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), or MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) or Member of the National Assembly (MNA), or MHA (Member of the House Assembly) and their political party
    All in one place!
  • Interactive Flash Cards of all the questions reinforce the material: discard, randomize and emphasize where needed

Easier because the material is broken out in a simple and concise way: prepare for the citizenship test by using the study guide and taking the practice tests at the end of each topic after reading the lesson, or just take practice tests on each topic, or take random practice tests for all topics, or use the flashcards to help memorize the questions and answers. And the map is the only place you will need to go to find out anything political or geographic about your province or territory!

Effective because even though we may not know the exact questions that will appear on the exam, the probable questions have been drawn based solely on the material found in Discover Canada’s official study guide and developed with emphasis on their questions. It has been designed expressly to build your knowledge chapter by chapter of what types of questions to expect on the Canadian citizenship test.

Experience! For ten years our company has provided the citizenship applicant a free online study guide resource for the citizenship test in the United States: Through those years we have developed a good understanding of how the applicant prepares and studies for the citizenship test—what works and does not work and what makes for success.


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